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is an art worker based in Biella (North-West of Italy) / Sara lavora in campo artistico e vive a Biella.



Below you'll find Sara's portfolio and cv / Qui sotto trovi il portfolio e il cv di Sara / If you want to contact me you can reach me at / Se volete contattarmi potete scrivere a  

I also collaborate with the only (but the best) music hall/independent cultural space in town SPAZIO HYDRO




In the last year, I had been using my artistic research to question how to situate myself in the environment I am part of. My main focus had been the activity of roaming shepherds. The place I live in and come from has a hybrid identity between the traditionally mobile pastoralism and the capitalistic industry. I had been diving into the relationship between roaming pastoralism and the concept of property, looking at how shepherds deal with law and how that is intrinsically linked to their fundamental work of maintenance of land and resources. I interview young shepherds about their work and choices. I look for ways to embed knowledge and gather knowledge from the people who bring on material practices.


On the left ~ 'Maintenance of What? part2' at the Dutch Art Institute, Graduation Acts 2019, May 22, Silent Green, Berlin. Performed by Matthieu Blond, Olivia Abacherli and Sara Cattin, sound by Nicolò Tescari, scripted dialogues including interviews to shepherd Andrea Maffeo and a shepherd who wants to remain anonymous. 



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